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  • Founded at: 1997
  • Campus: 99,900 square meters
  • Students: 15000 (as of 2014 May)
  • Intl’ Students: Not Known
  • Scholarship: 0

Program in Shaolin Kungfu Special Training Department

Apply Online & No service fee for applying

Duration Flexible
Starting Date Flexible
Tuition Fee ¥4,400 (RMB)
Teaching Language Chinese

Hey guys! Do you have any plans for your coming holidays

and summer vocation? Why not join us !

Brief introduction

Songshan Shaolin Monastery, a world famous Zen Buddhist home, the Cradle of Kungfu

and the Origin of Zen, is favored both by the natural surrounding among which any glimpse

could be compared to a magnificent painting, continuous mountains and tranquil forests.

3000 international students, who came from more than 50 countries and districts, such as USA,

Great Britain, France, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc, have successfully graduated

from Dengfeng Shaolin Warrior Monks School.s

A. Short term class 1:

Age: from 4 to 55 years old

Goof health condition

Martial arts loving

Duration:  one day to one month or more

B. Short term class 2:

Customerized calss ( one day to one month or more

Study time and duration are flexible, and can be made according to applicants plan

C. Fee structure:

500 RMB per day and per person

2000 RMB per week and per person

4500 RMB per month and per person

Note: The fee has included the cost as follow:

Tuition, Food, accommodation, cloth, water, electric and some everyday items.

Class Feature

* Welcome all levels of Martial arts loving

* The masters do not only instruct in words but also in actions attentively.

* The class is mainly based on practicability

* Experienced warrior-monks guides you step by step

D. Class content

*Shaolin Chan including: Meditation, zen meditation, enlightenment, Lojong, regimen

*Daily exercise: Shaolin basic basic skills, saholin-quan,Eighteen Arms of Wushu; Sanda (Free Sparring) ,combat,women self-defence
*Shaolin 72 stunts : protection such as golden shield plus iron cloth; IronPalm; ; iron head skill and so on.

Shaolin Qigong: Hard Qigong, keep healthy Qigong and so on

E. Brief introduction

*Traditional Shaolin Gongfu

*Aims to keep healthy and realize your Gongfu dream

*Closed management model ,Group living arrangements
More information: please contact : 1007@admissions.cn

How to apply

Direct Recruitment

Dengfeng Shaolin Warrior Monks School direct recruitment, no other fee involved.